DMK Bihaku

DMK’s Bihaku Treatment is a DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment for the face that is designed to brighten, plump, hydrate and even out skin tone. It is also designed to provide increased bounce and radiance to the tissue. What does It achieve? The DMK Bihaku Treatment Protocol utilises an AHA blend solution and a skin brightening formula (Super Bright) that are both exclusive to DMK. This solution will be applied to the skin, occluded with cling wrap and infused with hot towels. The application of DMK Enzyme Therapy masque will follow. In combination with the solution already applied this will bring an increase in hydration into the skin leaving your skin feeling bright, radiant and fresh.

Desquaplex Pigmentation

Hyperpigmented skins such as melasmas, uneven darker toned skin, passive and inflammatory pigmentation.

Hydroplex Pigmentation

To address the multifaceted condition of hyperpigmentation, the Hydroplex Pigmentation treatment has been developed using a combination of skin brightening, melanin inhibiting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and skin strengthening ingredients. Used for pigmentation on the face, back of the hands, décolleté or anywhere on the body. Any successful pigmentation revision will require a program and consistent use of the DMK Home Prescriptive products. There is no magic bullet in the revision of hyperpigmentation.

Ph Revision Pigmentation

DMK Alkaline Wash is mixed into a paste and applied to the affected area for a short period of time. The Alkaline Wash solution will attach itself to the protein of hair and skin and will soften, swell and dissolve both hair and skin cells. The aim of the DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment is to dissolve the pigment lesions and progressively revise the pigment and accumulated cell material to achieve the desired result. The solution will be monitored by your DMK Professional Skin Revision Therapist and will be removed at the appropriate time. The texture of the skin will also improve over the series of DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatments and the pigmentation will be progressively revised. It is recommended that pigmentation DMK Professional Skin Revision Program are undertaken regularly. Once in maintenance, should be supplemented with regular DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatments and use of DMK Home Prescriptive products to maintain your results.

Cosmelan - Depigmentation

Cosmelan is a combination of different depigmentation agents which acts by decreasing melanin production or formation on the skin by inhibition of enzyme tyrosinase.  Melanin is responsible for the darkening of the skin which results in formation of brown spots due to sun exposure as well as formation of Melasma when influenced by hormones.

This depigmentation treatment offers major advantages compared to other therapies such as: compatible with all skin types, extremely safe, rapid and easy depigmentation process, very effective in treating Melasma or ”pregnancy mask”,  effective for acne patients, no hydroquinine.


MelanoZone is a resurfacing protocol that forms part of a DMK Professional Skin Revision Program intended to revise irregularities in pigmentation and restore an even glowing complexion as well as suppress and inhibit further melanin production. It is designed for use on pigmentation that is stubborn, hormonal or induced by the acne, sun, trauma, medication or chemical imbalance. It may be used on the face or body on most skin types (except people with a typically darker oriental or sub-continental complexion and some darker skin tones which can be prone to pigmentation).

RP Revision

RP is DMK’s Remodelling Procedure (peel) which is suitable for both the face and body. RP is designed to remove the surface dead redundant cell material, instigate the remodelling phases within the tissue and aims to rebuild stronger structures from within. RP is based on the preservation of healthy and attractive skin on face and the body. RP is a system based on the DMK concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. Remodel the abnormal processes that have developed as a result of the sun or environmental damage. Reconstruct the architecture of the skin, and return skin to its original or properly functioning condition. RP strives to revise the architecture of the skin, addressing the underlying condition with an aim to return these areas to a strong, healthy and youthful condition. It may be used on most skin types