About Kosta Constantinou

Ph: 0411 565 503 

With over 16 years of solid and demonstrated clinical experience as a Fully Qualified Practitioner of Complementary Therapies, Kosta has had a keen interest in healing and how the body heals and stays healthy. This interest started as a young boy helping his family and friends heal through massage. 

Today that astute interest and commitment is still ever presently alive with his consistency and commitment to his own development of vital health both body and mind. Kosta’s warmth, care and understanding support people in becoming aware of their issues, or what holds them back from living there own potential, which in turn assists his clients to connect to what has ailed them. As a result of this, many people have felt inspired to make choices that have supported them to truly heal. 

Treatments range from bodywork including Acupuncture, specialised bodywork, nutritional advice, herbal advice, life coaching and more. Kosta works in unity with other health care professionals in the best interests of his client’s and refers them where applicable to support their greatest optimum health.

Kosta with his inner wisdom is deeply caring and his warm nature supports others to open up with genuine ease - this, in turn, allows his clients to begin their healing process naturally.

Kosta clinical focus is in:

  • Stress disorders-Depression, Anxiety and emotional health
  • Women's health-Fertility, Endometriosis etc
  • Mens health-Prostate and reproductive issues
  • Muscelo-skeletal disorders-Backs, knees, shoulders etc
  • Digestive disorders-feeling bloated, bowel issues
  • Heart and Lung conditions Health-keeping vascular system strong and healthy
Acupuncturist Kosta Constatinou